Fraser Valley Bengals


RW. SGChA FraserValley Fey Dante's Inferno


We are a small, home based cattery located in the Fraser Valley;  Chilliwack, BC, Canada.

RW.DGChA Bengalflats

 Fanning the Flames

We pride ourselves on the wonderful personalities exhibited by our bengals.  We breed for health and personality first and then for 'glitz'.

We believe if you are going to be owned by one of these unique creatures, you must enjoy them as much as they enjoy you.

Bengals are intelligent, interactive, energetic and inquisitive.  They will not sit quietly on your couch to be a showpiece, but will be an active part of your home.  They do love to cuddle and will share your bed, but you must be ready for some energetic playtime.

**Everybody needs a little leopard in their lives**

Colin & Kelly Hayton



RW. FraserValley Denali's Thunder - "Bronte"

Bronte lives in Germany with Anja & Andreas Patz from Al Janna Bengals.  He is attending shows and doing wonderful.


Bronte at 14 months 

Bronte's Awards On Safari 2014

Breeders Choice

Best Bengal Kitten Head

Best Bengal Kitten Body

Best Bengal Kitten Tail

Best Bengal Spotted Kitten

Best Bengal Kitten

Bengal Congress

Best Bengal Kitten

Best Bengal Male Kitten